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Heat Pumps… 5 things you need to know

As you may well have seen in the news, the Government are looking for ways to replace Gas Boilers across the UK. The PM has urged that the UK must get homes more green and fast.  The Government will fund £5,000 grants to help homeowners with the cost of installing a heat pump in their […]

Do you need a new boiler?

Boilers are an essential part of our everyday lives. They provide us with central heating to overcome chilly winters and they give us easy access to hot water to clean our dishes and wash our bodies. It’s something that we often take for granted because our boilers tend to just work without much thought, but […]

What Boiler is Best for me?

A boiler provides heat and/or hot water to a property using one of a few different types of energy. Many boilers are gas boilers, while some might use oil or even solar power. There are also different types of boiler that work in different ways. When you’re trying to decide on a new boiler in […]

Boring Boilers… Boiler Design Competition

Boilers are Boring! It time to make them a little more fun! As a parent of 4 young children, we are experiencing first hand the trials and tribulations of homeschooling! So, It got me thinking about things to do to fill some time during the COVID-19 Lockdown. I decided I would run a little creative […]

The Different Types of Boilers Available

Choosing a new boiler for your property might not be the most exciting purchase you’ll ever make, but it is one of the most significant decisions any homeowner ever faces.  Your family deserves instant access to hot water as well as a reliable and consistent service while you also need to keep an eye on […]